Wynndean Holiday Resort

15 The Esplanade, Ocean Grove, Vic, 3226

223 Vacant Site 10-10-17


Site No. :   223
Size :         Medium



Suit Caravan & annexe up to 22'.





  • See policy on Guarantee Deposit of $1,000. (M.A.P. under $5,000)
  • Where asking price is higher than our Maximum Approved Price for the unit, then it includes the owner's value on contents.
  • Electric Power Facility Charge - Pro Rata.
  • Units purchased prior to the Summer School Vacation incur full Seasonal Tariff which terminates on 30th June next.
  • Units purchased after (during) the Summer School Vacation will be subject to the weekly charge as per tariff sheet until 30th June when the Seasonal Tariff for the next year is due.